Acts 1:8 Christmas Wrapping Party

The Background:

Over the past year the Lord has been making it abundantly clear that Antioch Community Church has been called to be an Acts 1:8 church. We are to be a community that actively takes the Gospel to the streets of this city and to the ends of the earth. One of the specific areas the Lord began to highlight was Cary High School, our church's very own "backyard".

The Lord has already begun to open up doors for us to start student clubs, but we also recognized the need to bless both teachers and administration. After speaking with the principal earlier this year, we learned that one of the best and most practical ways to serve the school would be to provide teachers with much needed supplies. We were told that teachers were given a limited amount of supplies at the start of the school year, but end up running out and then have to pay out of pocket for what they still need.

One of the ways we want to utilize the Acts 1:8 giving campaign is to purchase, wrap, and distribute teacher supplies to the school. We believe this will be a wonderful way we can minister the love of Jesus in this school.

How to Help:

1. Give- All the money given to the Acts 1:8 campaign is dedicated to furthering outreach and evangelism opportunities in our city and abroad. Give HERE.

2. Wrap- After we purchase the supplies, we are still going to need help wrapping them up. So we want to invite people to join us on December 8th at 9:30am at the church offices. We will have Christmas sweets, music, and lots of fun as we wrap the teacher supplies.

If you have any more questions please email