We are partnering with Samaritan’s Purse to assist in the response to Hurricane Florence. For more information or to join a response team CLICK HERE.

Attention Church Family:
With hurricane Florence due to arrive this week we wanted to share some preparation tips with you all. Also, if you need any assistance after the storm please fill out THIS form.

Church is still on for tomorrow morning! See you all there!

Preparation List:

*Check HERE to see what risk your home is at with flooding
1) Fill up bath tubs/containers with water 
2) Have batteries for flash lights
3) Stock up on first aid/medications 
4) Have your car full of gas
5) Have dry and canned foods 
6) Gas camp stoves with canisters 
7) A power storage pack for phones
8) Wash all clothes before storm
9) Charge devices and external battery backups
10) Bring in/secure patio furniture, grills, decor
11) Stock up on pet food
12) Have cash on hand
13) Check on family members and elderly neighbors
14) Get at least one “buddy” who you mutually promise to check on