This summer the youth crew went to Knoxville, TN to partner with the Antioch there to share the love of Jesus all around the city and help launch a new youth lifegroup. It was such divine timing for us to be there and bring momentum to what God was already stirring in their church.  We are so thankful for everyone that prayed and invested in this trip and here are a few testimonies of what God did:

The Gospel Changes Everything 
We broke up in teams of 3-4 to carry the love of God and share the gospel with people all around the city. It was amazing to see the genuine love and passion our youth have for others as they boldly walked where God directed them and talked to anyone they met. One of the students met a man in his 40s that had never heard how he could personally have a relationship with God, and after sharing the gospel with him the man gave his life to Christ! 

New Lifegroup Launched
Logan, who is leading the new youth lifegroup in Knoxville, brought us to a park in his neighborhood each night to build relationships with the kids and invite them to lifegroup. The week culminated with a cookout and lifegroup at his house and the teens that came were so hungry for the presence of God! The worship and prayer time with the high schoolers was powerful and we were so encouraged by the way our crew really stepped out to encourage and prophecy over them. We are praying that this new group continues to thrive and impact their own city with the glory of God.  

Favor of God Continues
Right after we left, Logan was approached in a coffee shop by a 16 year old girl who felt led to talk to him. She was struggling spiritually and needed community, so he talked with her about Jesus, they waited on God together and he invited her to Antioch and the youth lifegroup! This was an amazing encounter and reminded us again that the seeds we sowed in prayer and evangelism are and will continue to bear fruit! 

“For the Earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of God as the waters cover the seas.” Habakuk 2:14
God has invited us to go spread His glory... and we had a blast doing that with Him in Tennessee!