Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of the school? The purpose of the school is simply to grow deeper in your love for Jesus and find clarity for a lifetime of following Him. 

2. How long is the school? The school is a 9 month program beginning in early September. 

3. What is the cost? The total cost is $1250 per student, $2000 per couple. Tuition covers books, rent, guest speakers, child care, and other instruction materials. 

4. When is tuition due? A $50 non-refundable deposit is due with the application. $200 is due by the first day of class.  An additional $500 is due by the end of the first semester. And the final $500 is due by March 1. 

5. How many books do we read? 4-5

6. What is the estimated out-of-class time commitment? We ask that all students be part of a lifegroup and serve on Sunday mornings (once a month). Most reading will be done outside of class, which could take 1-4 hours each week depending on your reading speed. There will also be weekly teaching videos posted online.  

7. Is there a policy on alcohol or dating? No

8. Is there an absence policy? We ask that students do their best to make 100% of the classes. It's imperative for students to be present as much as possible to gain the full class experience. Obviously, emergencies may cause a student to miss one class and those situations will be evaluated as needed.

9. Can anyone join the school? The school is open to anyone over the age of 18. Part of the application process is determining if the school is a right fit and the right timing for the applicant.

10. Does tuition cover the mission trip at the end of the school year? No, but we will provide training and support to help you raise support.

For all other questions, please email