Antioch Kids classes:
Babies (0-1 year)
Toddlers (2 - 3 years) 
Preschool (4 - 5 years)
Elementary (K - 5th Grade)

What To Expect:
When you visit Sunday morning you will find the Antioch Kid’s check-in table in the Kid's Hall. You will be greeted by an Antioch Kids volunteer and each child will receive a name tag with a security code. You will receive a matching tag. For your child’s safety we ask that you show this name tag when picking up your child after church. If we need to get in touch with you for any reason during the service, your child’s number will flash across the top of the screen in the auditorium.

We are dedicated to giving our best to your children. All of our volunteers go through an extensive screening process, including a background check, prior to working with the kids. We provide creative hands-on activities so that children not only hear the Word, but experience it. Our committed team of volunteers ensures that every child feels special and has fun!

Children in Worship:
Antioch Kids (ages 6-11) will join the adults for the first two worship songs. We love having our children participate in worshiping Jesus. And since you are the most influential person in your kid’s lives, it is powerful for them to see you worshiping God.

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To Volunteer for Antioch Kids fill out this form and send it to Nikki! Thanks! The positions and roles are listed here