How Do We Live Out Values?

Love God. Love Others. Make Disciples.

If you ever visit Antioch, you will hear us share those three values again and again. But if we're not careful, they can become mere words and not actual values. Our three core values aren't unique- you'll find them on most church websites. However it can be rare to see a community wholeheartedly live out these values. I believe that if our church lives out these simple three core values, then you will be changed, the city will be changed, and the world will be changed.

Our first value is the great commandment of Matthew 22:37 to LOVE GOD. We love, honor, worship God as first place in our lives. We live this out by spending consistent, daily devotional time with Jesus. We don't only love Jesus with our words, but with our time and energy. Put Jesus first. It's all about Him.

Our second value is the second commandment stated by Jesus in Matthew 22:39 to LOVE OTHERS. Looking to the needs of others gets us beyond ourselves and our issues. We consider others as more significant and sacrifice on their behalf. We live this out by being faithful to lifegroup community based on Acts 2:42-47. God designed us to walk in community and lifegroup allows that to happen.

Our third core value comes from the great commission in Matthew 28:19 to go and MAKE DISCIPLES. Jesus didn't rescue and redeem you just to sit on the sidelines- He made you to be a rescuer, He made you to go and impact others. We live this out by intentionally helping one or more others follow Jesus. Pour your life into another.

So, let me end by asking three questions:

1. Are you spending consistent devotional time with Jesus?
2. Are you faithful to lifegroup? Not just in attendance, but heart?
3. Are you discipling or pursuing discipleship with someone?

Be honest with these answers. Remember that God is strong where you are weak. And there is abundant grace for you to wrap your life around these three kingdom values- Jesus, community, & discipleship.

-Travis Nicholson, Associate Pastor